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CEO  Motoki Umetani  
CAPITAL ¥5,000,000
BANK  Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Kiraboshi Bank
ADDRESS 2-9-15 Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku  Tokyo Japan 152-0035
TEL& FAX  81(3)5726 9795



The company name KILN derives from a Latin word meaning “kitchen.“ In English, it represents for a special oven to bake clay for pottery and bricks. Soft clay can be transformed into various forms, but it becomes usable only after throughly baked in a kiln. Baking clay in a very high temperature in a kiln makes it hard, strong and durable for daily usage. Just like a “kin”, KILN CO. LTD’s mission is to strengthen and polish soft ideas, realize them as products and send them into the real world where they can be appreciated by people.